OSHA Compliance And Enforcement

Complying with complex state and federal workplace health and safety regulations can turn into all-consuming work. You need the proper guidance. Implementing a strong workplace safety program can save money in the long term by avoiding Occupational Safety and Health Administration citations.

The Lexington, Kentucky, law firm of Williams, Kilpatrick & True, PLLC, has the experience in helping businesses of all sizes and types meet their regulatory burdens. We provide representation focused on your business' unique needs while still saving you time and money.

An In-Depth Knowledge Of OSHA Rules And Regulations

Businesses can receive OSHA citations for violations like failing to provide employees with the proper safety equipment or failing to maintain a workplace with good air quality. In many cases, the best strategy is to address potential violations before they turn into an OSHA violation. This can lead to a happier, more motivated workforce that keeps a business running smoothly.

Our attorneys assist with:

  • Providing advice and counsel on how OSHA regulations apply to your workplace
  • Development of proper information materials to communicate responsibilities to owners, management and employees
  • Development of guidelines for identifying and addressing potential OSHA violations
  • Representation in enforcement proceedings

When violations do occur, our lawyers have decades of experience representing businesses before federal and state agencies in administrative hearings and in state and federal courts. As skilled litigators, we help your business identify the best strategies for resolving any OSHA violations in a way that protects your business' long-term financial health.

Be Proactive. Talk To Our Lawyers Today.

The best defense against potentially costly OSHA enforcement actions is to address them before they occur. Work with attorneys who have earned the trust of businesses in Kentucky and across the country. Schedule a consultation online or call our office today at 859-245-1059.