Representing Your Business In Workplace Accident Investigations

An accident investigation in your workplace can be a nightmare. It can lead to numerous negative outcomes. If a nonemployee is hurt, you could be facing the possibility of personal injury litigation. If a worker is hurt, you may have to deal with a workers' compensation claim. In both of these cases, your insurance may deny your claim.

At the Lexington, Kentucky, law firm of Williams, Kilpatrick & True, PLLC, our lawyers have lengthy experience in dealing with accident investigations and litigation. We have a long track record of successfully protecting the rights and interests of business owners and operators across the region.

Our Attorneys Know How To Take Quick Action

If there is an accident at your business, your first move is to get legal help immediately. With more than 30 years spent representing employers in these situations, we know to how to protect your interests. This includes:

  • Locating the proper evidence to present in the event of regulatory enforcement actions or civil lawsuits
  • Helping you understand your responsibility under workplace safety regulations
  • Sitting in on interviews with federal or state safety inspectors to protect your rights

These investigations can be quite complex, and if you do not handle them correctly, the consequences can be dire. You could face civil actions for damages or civil or criminal penalties. In some cases, there could be criminal charges. Our lawyers are experienced litigators who have appeared before numerous federal agencies and in state and federal courts across the country.

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