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Testing the Accuracy of Common Assumptions About Arbitration

Arbitration is a common tool to resolve business disputes. Companies often want to avoid the court system in the belief that private arbitration is better suited for the resolution of business conflicts. 

Arbitration is far from being a cookie-cutter solution for every contractual problem. It is key for any business owner to fully consider the advantages and potential drawbacks of arbitration and litigation, respectively, before committing to either one in a commercial context.

Is domestic violence an employer’s concern?

There have been a number of high profile domestic violence cases in the news. It’s a serious issue for all walks of life in all 50 states, including Kentucky. Whether the subject is a politician, an athlete or office worker, domestic violence is a criminal act. It doesn’t just affect the perpetrator and victim, it also affects the workplace.

Are older employees' rights being eroded in the workplace?

We centrally note on our website at the Lexington law firm of Williams Kilpatrick & True the many and diverse employee-linked issues that Kentucky employers routinely face at their respective workplaces.

We underscore therein the many types of on-the-job discrimination claims that workers allege against company owners and managers. Our stated goal in such matters is to help our valued business clients "avoid litigation through sound human resource counseling."

A Kentucky employer has immunity re worker references, right?

We have stressed in prior select blog entries that virtually any Kentucky employer's focus is necessarily varied and broad-based. While profit and sustained viability are crucial, so is compliance with the law. Developing best practices to reach these goals is the challeng of every employer.

Potential liability to employees begins at hiring and continues through termination and, sometimes, even beyond. As we note on our website at  Williams, Kilpatrick & True, PLLC, legal mistakes made concerning a worker can cost employers "a great deal of time and money in costly litigation and settlements."

Sexual harassment claims an increasing concern for employers

Employment law is ever-changing. Today, sexual harassment in the workplace is at the forefront. Employers must timely develop and consistently follow through on effective strategies addressing on-the-job harassment and discrimination.

MSHA: no immediate changes to coal mine dust limits

Dust affecting workers in the nation's coal mines has always been a major safety concern for regulators and mine principals in Kentucky and nationally.

The reason is obvious. Sustained exposure above a threshold limit has proven adverse health effects. As noted in a recent article on respirable dust regulation in coal mines, the link between excessive coal dust inhaled over time and progressive massive fibrosis is particularly close and problematic.

Five ladder safety tips to prevent construction site falls

Slip-and-fall accidents can occur anywhere. But falling on a construction site can be much more disastrous than falling on your bathroom floor. Falls account for more than one-third of construction site fatalities.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has released a report of safety standards that were most frequently violated in the last year. Safety issues contributing to falls—with ladders in particular—were among the top construction site safety concerns discovered. Today we provide five ladder safety tips to help prevent falls at construction sites:

KY policewoman catalyst for pregnancy-linked employment bill

Proponents of a legislative bill aimed at securing women better workplace protections under Kentucky state law while they are pregnant say that existing enactments don't go far enough to accomplish that goal. They are hoping that a would-be law now working its way through the Kentucky Legislature will do the trick.

Senate Bill 38 is off to a positive start. It advanced last month through a relevant committee with what a recent national media report on the legislation noted was "strong bipartisan support."

Trench Accident Statistics Yield Regulatory Response in Kentucky

The National Safety Council would like to pass along the word that even a mere cubic yard of soil can weigh more than some automobiles.

That reality has stark implications in the work world, notes the NSC, especially the construction industry. Workers frequently engage in excavation work, which can turn deadly in an instant when trench supports -- including benching, shoring and shielding efforts -- are insufficient to prevent collapses.

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